Inaugural Moana Pasifika Super Rugby 2022 Jersey Revealed

Inaugural Moana Pasifika Super Rugby 2022 Jersey Revealed

Moana Pasifika and apparel partner Dynasty have unveiled a stunning and special first Super Rugby jersey. 

When the team takes to the field to open the 2022 season of Super Rugby Pacific on Friday 18 February at Mt Smart stadium, they will be competing in a uniquely designed home jersey that proudly represents the combined cultures and traditions of the Pacific Islands. 

Fans who had signed up for Moana Pasifika memberships, and sponsors and stakeholders, were able to get a first look at Moana Pasifika’s home jersey at the official reveal event (Sunday evening 21 November) with Head Coach Aaron Mauger and Moana Pasifika players.

Patron Sir Bryan Williams said it was a special moment to imagine the team running out in the new jersey. “When I see the boys run out for that first time, it’s going to be very emotional, certainly for me and many others. It’s been quite a long journey. Moana Pasifika is so important for our community because it represents our hopes and dreams for the future. To have Moana Pasifika running out and giving our people a cause for hope and able to dream is, I think, really important.”


“The jersey is fantastic, it represents so much Pasifika life. The sail of the vaka or va’a and the malu tatau pattern. To have those patterns displayed right through the world, people are going to sit up and take notice, and that’s great because we are playing for the people. We are playing for Pasifika.” 

Dynasty Sport Director Tyler Rakich said having the responsibility for creating a jersey that represented the hopes and dreams of Pasifika rugby players for the past 20-30 years, was not something they approached lightly. 

“Creating this range for Moana Pasifika has been one of the most exciting projects Dynasty Sport has been involved in. We are very much aware this is much more than just a jersey – this is about an identity and a very special, rugby loving and proud community. 

“With the environment and sustainability a key focus for Dynasty Sport, the Moana Pasifika range has been produced using the brands new Ecotek Fabrics and created using yarns created from ethically sourced plastic bottles which have been removed from the ocean and waterways.   

“We are extremely proud of our achievements as an organisation in regard to the positive environmental changes being undertaken, and estimate the Ecotek sustainability project will result in the Moana Pasifika 2022 ranges repurposing approximately 500,000 plastic bottles,” Rakich added. 

The home jersey design is steeped in the history of Pasifika as masters of ocean navigation with a sail being the main design element on the front and multiple cultural patterns emphasizing the unity present and desired in the brand and Moana Pasifika movement.  

The focal point on the front of the jersey is a Pasifika sail, calling to the history of Pasifika using their vaka or va’a to master the ocean with the ability to navigate to land with pinpoint accuracy with traditional Samoan, Tongan, Fijian and Maori designs. 

The pattern replicating the malu lima – the traditional Samoan female hand tattoo – and thought to be used to navigate the ocean, is positioned significantly and placed over the heart. The front and back panel base colour is a gradient to replicate the effect of sunlight breaking ocean. 

The left sleeve has traditional Samoan tatau and Tongan ngatu patterns arrayed in a design to represent the wind feeding into the sail as well as a traditional Tongan pattern as a sleeve trim. 

The right sleeve has a combination of modern Niuean design inspired by traditional Hiapo patterns, traditional Tokelauan and Cook Island inspired tatau designs. 

Sun motif from logo has been placed at the back of neck to re-enforce the idea of rising, youthfulness and power. 

Moana Pasifika players will wear their home jersey for the first game the new Super Rugby Pacific 2022 competition and their debut season in a home-game against the Brumbies in what promises to be a wonderful celebration of music, colour and Pasifika culture at Mt Smart Stadium.